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Shopping bag
Trolley Bag- I want to buy a trolley bag.
Quantities Required: 200 Adet Effective Date: 4/15/2021Company: Exxxxx
Copper Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine
We are looking for a copper busbar machine. I would like you to send a model and price offer.
Effective Date: 3/28/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Car Wash Shampoo
We are looking for a high quality car wash product for use in the car wash garage. We expect you to send price and delivery information.
Effective Date: 3/28/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Horse Feed
We would like a quote for 1000 bags of horse feed, please send the necessary information.
Quantities Required: 1000 Çanta Effective Date: 3/28/2021Company: Axxxxx
Thin Stone Full Automatic Okey Table
We are looking for a full automatic okey table with fine stones. Please contact me for detailed information.
Effective Date: 3/28/2021Company: Cxxxxx
Ribbed Rebar
We demand 10 tons of 8 mm, 10 tons of 10 mm ribbed rebar. We ask you to send a quote.
Effective Date: 3/28/2021Company: Mxxxxx
White Fleks Granite Tile Adhesive
We are looking for tile adhesive, I would like you to send a quote for France.
Effective Date: 3/25/2021Company: Bxxxxx
Crystal Stained Glass
I would like you to send a quote for the crystal stained glass.
Effective Date: 3/25/2021Company: Rxxxxx
Real Fire Simulator
We are looking for real fire simulator. We also ask the bidders to provide information about the dimensions and technical features of the product.
Effective Date: 3/25/2021Company: Mxxxxx
We have a request for Citiport vehicles. We ask you to send a quote.
Effective Date: 3/25/2021Company: Nxxxxx
Portable Oxygen Concentrator
We are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator, we request you to send technical information and a price quote about the device.
Effective Date: 4/11/2021Company: Sxxxxx
We are looking for 6 silos for the crusher furnace. We kindly ask you to send a price offer for 80 tons.
Effective Date: 4/11/2021Company: Bxxxxx
Ceramic Transport Packaging
We need standard transport packaging for 10,000 pieces, 60 * 120 ceramics. We expect you to quote.
Effective Date: 4/11/2021Company: Fxxxxx
Nonwoven Fabric
30 and 40 gr in white or blue color. we are looking for nanwoven fabric. I kindly ask you to send information about price and other details.
Quantities Required: 2000 Metre Effective Date: 4/11/2021Company: Kxxxxx
Straightened Black Wire
We would like to supply black wire between 5.3 mm and 5.7 mm, straightened in multiples of 33 cm or 33 cm. We ask you to send a quote.
Quantities Required: 22 Ton Effective Date: 4/7/2021Company: Exxxxx
Buttermilk Filling Machine
We are looking for a buttermilk filling machine. We kindly ask you to send a price offer together with the technical specifications of the machine.
Effective Date: 4/7/2021Company: Fxxxxx
Printed Cut Cup Paper
We need 7 oz printed cut paper and base. We ask you to share a price offer.
Effective Date: 4/7/2021Company: Pxxxxx
Women Leather Wallet
We are interested in women's wallets. We expect you to send us catalog and bulk order prices.
Effective Date: 4/7/2021Company: Рxxxxx
Women's Classic Belt
We are looking for women's belts, we welcome you to send a catalog and price list for bulk orders.
Effective Date: 4/7/2021Company: Рxxxxx
Men's Leather Belt
We take care of men's leather belts. For bulk order, we ask you to send a catalog and price quote.
Effective Date: 4/6/2021Company: Рxxxxx